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Los Tules Middle School Honor Pins

     Los Tules Honor Pins will be an ongoing award that students will receive during their enrollment at Los Tules Middle School.  All students will be given a ribbon medal that will be displayed in their first period room during the year.  Students will have the opportunity to earn pins by earning specific school achievements and by participating in various activities that will be attached to their ribbon.  The purpose of this award is to recognize students for all their abilities and efforts.  Their Honor Medals and Pins will travel with them from homeroom each school while at Los Tules.  When students walk in their 8th grade promotion ceremony, the hope is that each student will be display many pins signifying all of their successes during their middle school career.  Students will be able to keep their medals and pins as a keepsake.

The following Honor pins will be available this year:


        4.0+ Honor Roll Pin (Trimester)  

          3.5+Honor Roll Pin (Trimester)

Top students chosen by teachers:

         Language Arts Pin (Yearly) +6th

         Math Pin (Yearly) +6th

         Social Studies Pin (Yearly)

         Science Pin (Yearly)

         PE Pin (Yearly)


Special Honors

         Character Counts Pin (Trimester) +6th

                    -          Chosen by School Staff

         Principal’s Honor Pin (On-going) +6th

         Reading Pin (Yearly) +6th

         Mathematician of the Year (8th only)

         Yearbook Editor Pin (Yearly)

         CJSF- California Junior Scholastic Federation  Pin (Yearly)

Elective Classes

         Leadership Pin (Yearly)

         WEB Pin (Yearly)

         AVID Pin (Yearly)

         Advanced Art Pin (Yearly)

         Yearbook Pin (Yearly)

         Heritage Hawk Tutors Pin (Yearly)


Special Events

         Spelling Bee Pin (Yearly) +6th

         Poetry and Prose Pin (Yearly) +6th

         Science Olympiad  (Yearly)

         School Play Pin (Yearly)+ 6th

         Math Super bowl (Yearly)

         Dance Recital Pin (Yearly)

Fine Arts

         Band Pin (Yearly) +6th

         Orchestra Pin (Yearly)

         Jazz Band Pin (Yearly)

         Intermediate Band Pin (Yearly)

         Outstanding Musician (Yearly) +6th

         Choir Pin (Yearly) +6th

         Auxiliary Pin (Yearly)


         Football Pin (Yearly)

         Cross County Pin (Yearly)

         Volleyball Pin (Yearly)

         Track Pin (Yearly) +6th

         Basketball Pin (Yearly)

         Soccer Pin (Yearly)




         Excellent Attendance (Trimester) +6th

-          98% attendance or better

                       +6th = 6th grade students can earn this pin